Yay, England….sort of

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, to keep things short….The trip England was tiring. I had two flights, with a stop in Vienna airport…I traveled with Austrian Airlines. The first flight was ok, except that weird food they give us….Some kind of dry cake thing..with chocolate and some green shit, that tasted really nasty. The second flight was really weird,   I managed to fall asleep, even though there was a seriously fucking annoying child screamin and whining and kicking my seat……little prick……Then, when I actually got to Southampton, I went on the longest and most unnecessary taxi trip..at least the driver didn’t cheat out a lot of cash….

Also, the weather was nice for the first week, there was sunshine and it was warm…which was completely unexpected. But the good old British weather kicked in…..and I completely forgot there was anything above the clouds…. It looks something like this:

I forgot if there actually exists anything  above the clouds…
And I think at this point we can forget about keeping things short.

First off, I have no idea why I’m making this blog, but I figured I’d give it a try…..
A week and a half ago, I arrived  in Southampton, UK, in the hopes of eventually completing the Computer And Video Games course. That course actually features the more ‘art-sy’ side of games, mainly 3D models, concept art and stuff like that…..So I figured to record my time spent here and post my work. I originally planned to just make a small, quick record of my experiences here, but then my girlfriend came up with the idea of me creating a blog. It was a great idea, because now I can also post my work and have somewhere to just talk about good times..and bitch about the not so good times. But I don’t know the first thing about blogging, so it will be a ‘hit and miss’ thing at first. Hopefully, it will get better though.  I’ll try ro make regular updates, for my millions of fanatical fans, which I’m sure I won’t have…..Besides this will be a good chance for me to improve my English writing skills……
So we’ll (for know its only “I’ll”) see how this goes.

Oh, did I forget to mention……I’m Bulgarian (Eastern Europe, represent!)

Hello world!

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